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Q : What do the numbers above my profile picture indicate (mean / show / refer to)?

A : It is the consensus; that it shows your activity within the portal. The number increases whenever you open a new thread, comment within a thread or create a new thread.

Q :Are there different membership levels or ranks in the Illuminati? 

A : There are 3 different types of membership levels available in the Illuminati ranks. 

  • Citizen membership: This level is open to the adult public worldwide.
  • Ranking membership: This level consist of  an elite group of citizens, set apart as shepherds. The members at this level get ranks that include official titles.
  • Council membership: This includes members that are chosen from ranking members and their decisions are carried out according to the Planetary law.

Q : What is my role in this portal? What should I do while waiting for my Prerequisite’s results?

A : This portal is a forum for Initiates from all over the world, to interact with each other, to share their knowledge and opinions with fellow Initiates in the hope of  gaining wisdom.

We therefore invite you to take part in the platform so that you too can learn more about our organization and to understand your role in this planetary union.

Q : What is the Illuminati / What is the purpose of the Illuminati?

A : The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists and other influential members of this planet.  The Illuminati’s purpose is to secure the ongoing survival of the human species.

Q : Is Illuminati Satanic?

A : The Illuminati is not affiliated with any religious worship or belief, either God or Satan, Baphomet or Baal. The Illuminati neither accepts nor deny any deity.

For further information follow this link: https://illuminati.am/the-illuminati-religious-belief/ or read Chapter 8 of ILLUMINATIAM

Q : Does the Illuminati ask for any sacrifices to be made?

A : The purpose of Illuminati is to ensure the preservation of the human species. The Illuminati does not ask for human, animal any other kind of sacrifice.

For further information please follow the link: https://illuminati.am/does-the-illuminati-require-human-or-animal-sacrifice/ or read Chapter 8 of ILLUMINATIAM

Q : Does the Illuminati ask for any membership fees?

A : The membership in Illuminati is completely free and by invitation only. Any site or organization that claims fee for joining is not associated with us and should be reported.

For more information please follow this link: https://illuminati.am/is-there-an-illuminati-membership-fee/ or read Chapter 9 of ILLUMINATIAM

Q : Are we considered Illuminati?

A : Anyone who has registered and follows The Illuminati, is considered a Citizen member. There is a degree of initiation at the council membership level.

Q :  When will I receive my result for Prerequisite 1 & 2? How long it will take to be verified?

A : Your results are currently being evaluated and are based on – your participation within the portal, your behavior with fellow initiates and the quality of your posts are all under consideration during the evaluation process. However the time for verification is unknown and can take anywhere from one month to several years, so please be patient.  

For further information please follow this link: https://illuminati.am/why-should-i-take-the-prerequisites/ or read Chapter 5 of ILLUMINATIAM

Q : Do I have to sell my soul for joining Illuminati?

A : Absolutely not there is no requirement of selling your soul to join The Illuminati. Anyone who offers to sell their soul is not ready for membership yet.

For further reference please read ILLUMINATIAM

Q : Does the Illuminati give money to their members?

A : The Illuminati does not pay it’s members. Illuminati only gives where it is required and where real efforts are made. Money is never sent to members directly, however it can be presented in the form of some indirect increase in wealth.   

For further information please follow this link: https://www.illuminatiofficial.org/illuminati-wealth/ or read ILLUMINATIAM 

Wealth and power find a way to those whose eyes are too fixed upon the Light to be concerned with them.”
Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati.

Q : Do I have to give up my religion to join The Illuminati?

A : Illuminati is an organization not a religion. People of any religion are welcome here.

For further reference please follow the link: https://illuminati.am/the-illuminati-religious-belief/


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